June 12 - Social KoKoMo's in Lewisberry

A message from PSYAS President, Bill Englar


Affiliate program groups are growing!

Fellow Alumni,


Our newest Affiliate Program Group (APG), the Graham Fellows, has gone through a recent revision and now has a new president: Ash Spangler spanglerash@gmail.com, and vice president/secretary; Mike Dietrich mikedietrich@gmail.com. I would like to wish them luck in their new adventure of getting involved and I want to thank them for stepping up.

The purpose of this APG stimulates continued interest of all Graham Fellows and Graham Center students of the York campus and to provide a means whereby Graham Fellows may join together for the improvement of the program and their professions. We also support other APG’s such as Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS); Information Sciences and Technology/Computer Sciences (IST/CPSC); Veteran Alumni and Science/Engineering Alumni. If you are interested in becoming more involved in an APG (alumni group) let us know!

Our annual Game Watch Events will kick off starting on August 25th at Primanti Brothers. Registration forms and more information will be available in July.

This month's social/mixer will be at KoKoMo's (691 Yorktown Road, Lewisberry, Pa  17339), on June 12th. PLEASE NOTE there will be a slight detour on the route to get to KoKoMo’s. For those coming from York, you need to detour by going up to the Fishing Creek Exit #36 and turning around/going back south on 83 to use Exit 35. Stop by and join us. All are welcome.

For the Glory,

Bill Englar
President, Penn State York Alumni Society